The Very Key, The Basic Reason

"Without it, long term correction of spinal shape and alignment cannot take place." Dr. Dan Riesling

The body's structure is an Amazing, but only partially self correcting biological machine and this is why that can't be ignored in Structural Correction.

We've all taken those little spills or had poor posture habits and not always felt sore after them. But in our aging (some of us) bodies, we lose that scenario in which we receive these "injuries" with no consequences. We feel it - old that is. Should we just chalk it up to Aging or can we understand it at deeper level - how the body is designed to absorb these injuries? Over time we get reminders of that old injury that we had in the past. And these can disappear for awhile and then come back with a vengeance later.

Let's start at the beginning. When we talk about structure, we are largely talking about 3 body systems: The skeletal system which consist of all the bones of the body and the joints that they form; the Nervous system which consists of the brain, spinal cord, and all the rest of the nerves; and the Muscular system. All three of these are marvelously integrated and communicate with each other. For example, when a bone is misaligned with another bone, the sensors in the joint between the two bones, fire off signals to the brain. The brain responds by firing signals to the appropriate muscles to correct the misalignment. As long as the bones are not stuck in place, "CLICK!, POP!", your body self corrects - this is why with a little motion often triggers a bony correction that was just 'waiting to happen'. So you could say, that the muscles are the work horses of the body's self correcting abilities.

But what if there isn't a workhorse in place to pull a bone back into place from a certain direction? Well, that's exactly what is occurring with the spine - our back bones which are the center of the entire structural system. The spine is located in the back of the back, not in the center of the body, and not on the front of the body. You can see the spine on most people's backs when you see the bumps that go down the center of the back, in the 'valley' between the back muscles. Kids call them the "dinosaur bones" because they remind them of the big spinal bones of these prehistoric creatures.

The spine is at the back of the back, there IS NO MUSCLE THAT EXISTS which can pull a spinal bone that has shifted slightly forward, back into place. Try pulling on the back of your shirt directly backwards. Ask yourself, 'Is there a muscle which pulls in this direction on the human body?' And the answer you'll be forced to say (even the skeptics who look for possible other combinations of muscles to pull in that direction) 'no'. There ARE muscles that pull in every other direction though - forward, rotational, flexion, and extension. So if a bone were to go out, as an opposite, to any of those directions, self correction CAN take place.

Here's how it all ties together and when you read and understand this, you'll instantly know more than most that call themselves structural correction specialists: Bone goes out in a slightly forward direction, your body is bent straight forward a slight amount to the degree that the forward bone is out. It's essentially stuck unless acted upon by an outside agency (remember, no self correcting muscle). Now, unless you live on the moon or in a pool 24/7, you'll interact with Gravity. Your body must always balance itself in gravity, right? Well, gravity always pulls in one direction - we don't have a Wednesday pull to the right, and a Friday pull to the left! It pulls straight down to the center of the Earth. So when you stand up with this forward bone, the body will be forced to pull 1 or many other bones out of place to balance you right? Well, what ways does it pull? It pulls in the ways that it can, using the muscles it has - extension, rotational, etc. This is called what all Manual Medicine professionals refer to as COMPENSATION. In short, the compensation creates a balance in relation to gravity. So that slumping posture, or sway back, or even the act of crossing ones legs is balancing your body, so that it is comfortable in gravity.

"Aha!", you say, "why doesn't the body just correct itself because there are muscles pulling in the opposite direction to these compensation movements!" Well, it can, but doesn't because apparently it's more important to remain balanced then to be uncomfortable. And eventually it can't even do that - and that's when the compensation pain really kicks in. Because now your body is failing to compensate effectively and the muscles are working over time. Make sense? And when I say pain, I mean anything that is mechanically caused by the concepts above - Headaches, neck pain, low back pain, knee pain, shoulder pain, etc. Over time bodies end of getting twisted up with multiple patterns of being WOUND UP. It's like an onion with its layers, except with the body, the layers represent the compensation patterns that your body has taken on with the earliest patterns at the core. This isn't the whole story but it is THE BASIC REASON why bodies develop the above scenario with its resultant pain, discomfort, misery, "need" for surgery and a general failing of the body. I have treated people with varying levels of arthritis and compensatory pain to great results. It's not too late to do yourself a favor and UNWIND.

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Dr Dan Riesling

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