The Unwinding Process, What Actually Occurs

NOTE: This is for those avid readers that are hoping to either understand what is causing their chronic structural pain - headaches, neck pain, low back pain, etc. And what they can do about it. All these articles, "Why the Body is Amazing" OR "the very key, the Basic Reason" AND "Do Meningeal Adhesions really exist?" should be read first for full understanding of the concepts herein - they can be found from the news feed on my Facebook page "Basic Reason Chiropractic" or from the website. Please enjoy them first for a richer understanding of this article.

What is Unwinding? Well, it's exactly as it sounds. Imagine your spine is a rubber band, held at both ends in a vertical line. Now twist that rubber band (actually find a rubber band and do this) until it forms more than the simple twisting pattern, but extra loops and deviations from a straight vertical line. This is very similar to what occurs with everyone's spine over time. The twistings are caused by injuries - either sudden impacts, or slowly through postural habits (I teach proper postural habits in the clinic to my patients).

So the general process of unwinding could be considered to be like taking layers of an onion off the onion - outer patterns are available for peeling first. So too, is unwinding - the outer patterns representing the more recent "wound up" positions. When I say positions, I mean the entire skeletal configuration (on overall pattern) that the body has taken on to balance itself in gravity in response to certain "key" bones that are stuck out of place and can't be corrected, except by externally created force (See the article "The very Key, the Basic Reason").

THE TREATMENT PROCESS: I assess for whatever is happening ON THAT DAY for the patient and UNLOCK that pattern, by addressing the barriers to self correction - the "Very Key" and the Meningeal Adhesion. Then the body corrects what it can correct - exercise between treatments is encouraged and helps this immensely. Then the next pattern is assessed in the next treatment, and unlocked. And so on.

This is the simple way of looking at unwinding. The assessment of that pattern, unlocking it, having the patient go exercise as much as they want to (because they finally met a Chiropractor that can make the changes to their body that others only talk about), pushing the unwinding speed to its max.

As this process continues the patient feels more and more freedom to move their bodies with less pain, and physical abilities return. I often have to change the goals of patients because what they originally came in for has been reached or pain solved, and a new, not previously thought possible, goal now needs to be set.

Now, something interesting which CAN and usually DOES occur in the unwinding process: Since we are unwinding you from the latest injuries to the earliest injuries, then you may feel a reminder of an old injury and hence plot where you are in the overall unwinding program, going backwards in time. The reason why is this: When you injured yourself in the past, your structure physically wound up around that injury and didn't allow it to fully heal. Hence, without resolution of this condition with my treatments, you get reminders of the 'Ole knee accident' or 'My weak back that can suddenly go out from time to time'. Because you didn't get unwound immediately following an injury, it formed compensations around it (winding up) and the inflammation never really cleared out. Instead a constant remnant of the original inflammation stayed in the knee, the back, the chest, etc. When I unwind someone, I am quite literally putting their body in a position in which it can finally and fully heal. Think about that statement. Ok time's up. Did you get the significance of that?

KEY POINT: Every body winds up. Compensation is a fact - living things with a structure interact with gravity, sometimes in chronic pain causing ways! So, when you intelligently correct a structure, you will help to finally clear away these remnants of inflammation and now full healing can take place.

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Dr Dan Riesling

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