Quiz for patients that have read the booklet OWNER'S MANUAL FOR THE BODY

See if you can guess and if you can't, then you need to come in and be a patient!

1. Are the things in the booklet something that you only need to do for a short period or are they something that you should adopt as a lifestyle because they follow the natural laws of biomechanics?

2. Can you throw out your treatments?

3. Where do you feel the pain - at compensation misalignments or the forward stuck bone?
Why is this?

4. What are the three main positions that your body takes, that the booklet is all about?

5. Name a few indicators that you can notice about yourself, which give you a very good idea about the position of your body - whether it's a healthy one or not?

6. Do feet compensate for the rest of the body by twisting?

7. What does adding an arch support do the rest of the body?

8. What is the toe box of a shoe? What do you want to make sure of with shoes that you buy and toe boxes?

9. Is some heel bad? How do you know?

10. Why do you want horizontally flat insoles that do not conform to your feet?

11. What is the hard-fast rule in sitting posture?

12. Is it important to make sure your car seat is corrected? Why?

13. What is the best position to sleep in?

14. Why do you need to judge for yourself what height to make your pillow?

15. What is the best for overall structural health and pillow testing - Firm or soft beds? Why?

16. What indicators come in nicely when you have the pillow height correct?

Thanks for reading, and please feel free to respond to this if you are on Facebook. I welcome comments, ideas, realizations, or questions.
Dr Dan Riesling

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