"I'll never let another Chiropractor adjust me in the old way again! With every treatment I feel better and better."
J. M. Female, Age 54

"After years of discomfort from scoliosis, I am now virtually pain free with freedom of movement."
J.W. Female, Age 62

(After her first treatment) "Thank you, thank you, thank you! You made a huge difference in my day, weekend, and I know ultimately, in my health and quality of life as we go on. Amazed and happy!"
L. W. Female, Age 55

"I've always had hammer head toes, just like my father. I thought it was genetic. He actually had surgery to remove a knuckle from all of his toes and I was resigned to having the same thing done. After my FIRST visit with Dr. Riesling, my toes were noticeably much straighter, and continued to be."
B.A. Female, Age 57

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