Spinal stability can be defined as how much physical stress a spine/structure can receive and still not result in a misalignment. The "normally shaped" spine has natural curves which bring about a great deal of strength and stability. Much like building a bridge, with its "normal" angles and shape, that can be counted on to withstand many more times it's expected stress load.

On the contrary, the "commonly shaped" spine contains all the accumulated "gravity balancing" twists and misalignments (compensations) resulting from past injuries and poor posture habits. This, in turn, makes a person's structure increasingly more susceptible to injuries in the future, with less forceful injuries needed to cause the pain, until even the simplest activities cause headaches, neck pain, back pain, etc. This very common scenario also results in an overall underlying structure getting very "stuck", resulting in less and less mobility and more frequent and severe pain.

Conventional practitioners who don't address the Basic Reason speak of "holding the treatments" in various ways. However, it's less about holding, and more about freeing up. Their treatments can feel good in the short term, but they are bound to be repeated over and over, with no long term correction taking place.

Dr. Riesling's treatment protocol comes from the mind of a Civil Engineer turned Chiropractor - his relentless and thorough research to find the Basic Reason resulted in a hands on corrective method which effectively sheds layers of compensation (think of onion layers coming off) which have accumulated over the years.

Only then can your body be free of the pain caused by this all-too-common condition and finally and fully heal!

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