Do Meningeal Adhesions Exist?

VITAL Definitions:

Pre-tethered Cord Syndrome (noun) - referring to when there is a pulling stress along the length of the brainstem and spinal cord. It creates various symptoms because of the general nature and stress to the central nervous system. Before the Meningeal Adhesion was discovered, the cause was not known. To tether a rope means to fasten it at both ends - therefore any twists in that rope will cause the rope to be tensioned.

Meningeal (adjective) - referring to the covering of the brain and spinal cord, which protects and positions the spinal cord inside of the bony spinal column.

Adhesion (noun) - referring to two surfaces that stick together that should not, under optimal physiological conditions. In this case, not hard like glue, but stuck enough that conventional Chiropractic does not get rid of it.

Release (noun) - referring to action of getting rid of an adhesion through a specifically angled stretching force.

Adjustment (noun) - the action that the body takes to correct itself with regard to proper spinal alignment during AND after a Meningeal Release.

Compensation Patterns (noun) - the accumulation of all the compensations that a body takes on in a particular time period of one's life.

Compensations (noun) - the actions that the body takes automatically to balance its structural system by putting out of place, a bone, in response to a stuck "out of place" bone elsewhere. For more information, see the article included on the website here titled "The Very Key, The Basic Reason".

Dr. Alfred Breig - a Swedish Neurosurgeon and researcher, discovered the Meningeal Adhesion in the 1950's. He was looking for a correlation between what is now called "Pre-Tethered Cord Syndrome" (syndrome - a group of symptoms that come from a reason, a pathology) and an anatomical/structural cause for it. He discovered the Meningeal Adhesion; and more relevant clinically, he discovered this phenomenon in bodies that did not have any of the neurological diseases he was studying at the time, IE. It is common among everyone.

A Meningeal Adhesion is a stuck portion of the sleeve of the brain and spinal onto the inside of the spinal column bone structure and skull. Once these two surfaces touch and stick, it "cements" into place the compensation patterns that one develops over time. When I say compensation patterns, you've experienced it: the low shoulder, the high hip, that one side that is always having the problem pain, even scoliosis.

It is caused by continual sustained contact of these two surfaces - the dura (the outside of the spinal cord's sleeve, latin for "tough") and the bone. These surfaces come into contact with each other because of the combined twists and misalignments of the spinal bones from compensations.

Overall, these adhesions hold onto and create tension on the inside of the spine. This translates into a stuckness that increases over time and the misalignments that are "cemented" into place can be eventually felt, in the muscles and soft tissues, creating various symptoms - headaches, neck pain, shoulder and knee problems, painful feet, and low back pain.

But freedom of movement can be recovered and healing can begin. Dr. Riesling employs a method which gets rid of Meningeal Adhesions, specifically and thoroughly - The Meningeal Adhesion Release Adjustment, "meningeal release" for short. Taking tension 'out of the inside' of the spine is probably the most important thing that a Chiropractor can do and yet is rarely done. It is NOT addressed with rotational neck adjustments, or 'pushing down on a patient's back'.

Meningeal Adhesions are an essential, but only part of the overall picture of structural correction. Come in and find out what else you have been missing from the best that Manual Medicine has to offer.

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