Forward Tilting Heel by Dr. Dan Riesling


Forward Tilting = when looking at the side of the bone, it rotates in the direction of a forward summersault. The amount of rotation, however, is only slight.

You excitedly walk into a shoe store to find your new shoes. And who doesn't like slipping into a brand new pair of shoes that feel so good on your feet? However, you fail to notice in that short 15 minute store dash and shoe trying, that your breathing is now shallower or slightly more labored when wearing your newly purchased shoes. And not too long after that, you mysteriously develop a pain in your neck and your regular headaches are more frequent and hurt more.

I have just described an all-too-typical example of what many people have experienced because they do not know about basic mechanics. And are YOU really supposed to know about it? I mean, you're not a Chiropractor, why should you know about it?

Almost anyone (who is not a Chiropractor like myself) assumes two things when shoe shopping:

1. What feels good on their feet now in the store must be the "correct shoe".

2. The show manufacturers/shoe store owners must know what's best for its customers; and certainly there are continuous improvements with the latest advancements being sold to us, the consumers.

Both of these above statements are unfortunately not true. Immediate foot comfort will not prevent your neck and/or back pain from getting worse, and the manufacturers and store owners are all too easily helped by the shoe store "good feelings", while their music is loudly playing overhead.

The heel (calcaneal) bone is the bone that starts all the foot mechanics of walking, from its initial heel strike down to the last, the big toe-off. If your heel sinks (very commonly) into what's called a "Heel Well" inside of a shoe…it starts this entire cycle off wrong and throws the head forward from the base of the neck (at the shoulders). A Heel Well can easily be pictured if you don't have a pair of shoes handy (or if you're a mermaid or live in a country where shoes aren't necessary to blend in with the crowds. Think of pouring some water into the heel of a shoe - will it collect in a little puddle in the center of the heel? If yes, you have a "Heel Well". Mechanically, this tilts the calcaneal bone in exactly the wrong rotation to keep good posture and promotes neck pain and headaches.

Heel wells are easily corrected in my office for less than $10 as long as the shoe is easy to fix. Many times, when I shop for shoes, I don't find perfect shoes, but there is a way to judge if they are easy to fix, and I teach my patients that.

One might be wondering, "Well, what about Orthotics?", and "Don't these people - certain chiropractors and podiatrists - know what they are doing?" The truth is, if they are failing to understand the poor posture that heel wells create. So, yes they are looking at the foot, but they don't know what they are doing to the rest of the body and its resultant mechanics. There is a missing VERY key piece of information that "experts" in biomechanical study have missed; and many continue to hold onto their old ideas, even when I've tried to explain Dr. Jesse Jutkowitz' groundbreaking research findings on it.

This VERY key piece of information that affects how true long term structural correction (alignment AND shaping) is achieved, is fully explained in the article on this website called, "The very KEY, The Basic Reason".

All you need is… proper shoe wear and THE BASIC REASON to understand it.

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Dr Dan Riesling

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