Endo-Nasal Treatment

Endo-Nasal treatment is, for many, a vital step in fully effective unwinding.

Endo = Inside
Nasal = the spaces inside the nose and face

1. There is a structurally significant bone in the skull called the Sphenoid bone that has parts to it that shift out of place when the spine shifts out of place. This bone forms the "back board" to the sinus cavities.

2. Sometimes "displacements" occur in this bone, because of what is happening in the spine. In this case, they need a little encouragement to move back into place. That's what Endo-Nasal treatment accomplishes.

3. The "displacements" will turn up from time to time during the course of unwinding treatments, and are the completing step to unlock the FULL patterns of SPINE and SKULL compensations which are tied together.

4. It is not always a SINUS related treatment, IE. 'You have sinus problems therefore you need this treatment'. However you can get phenomenal results on SINUS problems with this treatment when it is added to spinal correction.

5. When you happen to need Endo-Nasal Treatment that day, it's best to address it, right then and there, for full effective and smooth WHOLE BODY unwinding to occur. Or another name would be a "Nose to Toes" correction.

6. After Endo-Nasal treatment, I need to re-check the spine to see what other things now need correction, which hadn't shown up before. Therefore, when it turns up, I need to spend more time with you after the Endo-Nasal treatment is done, to re-look at the spine to make sure that you're fully unlocked there as well.

Endo-Nasal treatment always gives a wonderful treatment result. Before I performed Endo-Nasal treatments on my patients, it was only a matter of time before they got better. But now that I perform this service, it speeds up that process up immensely everyday for my patients.

Recent (unsolicited) Testimonials:
(TEXT MESSAGE 1, Oct 2014): "After that treatment yesterday, I feel like a million bucks!" C.H.
(TEXT MESSAGE 2, Oct 2014): "Not only am I breathing better, but I can SEE better!" P.T.

See you in the clinic.

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