Does your exercise really help you? by Dr. Dan Riesling

What's helping me?!

Of course, exercise has many benefits from increased blood flow to all parts of the body to actually creating a greater pull (and utilization of nutrients) into the cells. However, sometimes patients that get other treatments or do some sort of exercise following unwinding, attribute their good feeling to that new exercise or therapy. And they can be right about it. However, the unwinding makes it possible for the body to correct itself easier, thereby other forms of therapy will now work better. 2 questions:

1. Do other forms of Therapy (Exercise or method of correction) get rid of Meningeal Adhesions [see article called "Do Meningeal Adhesions Exist?"]? (By the way, they DO exist and DO exert an unhealthy tension on the brain, spinal cord and overall structure.)
-If Yes, then it's in a limited capacity, and not when you need a particular one released, which is associated with that day and that pattern you walked in with. Mostly no.

2. Do other forms of Therapy correct the only direction a bone can go out in which doesn't have a muscle pulling in the opposite direction [See article: "The Very Key, The Basic Reason"]?
-If Yes, it's not specifically targeted so. Mostly no, and not thoroughly enough to make an effective and lasting change.

Please keep this in mind when you are assessing where to spend your health care time and energy.

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Dr Dan Riesling

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